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Dried Boutonnières

Dried Boutonnières

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Carefully assembled by Berlin-based Botanical Artist, Asta Ramelyte-Hauf.

Each boutonnière contains an array of complementary dried flowers and grasses to create a unique keepsake. And since these boutonnières are made with dried botanical elements, they'll last forever!

Boutonnières are traditionally pinned to the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket but can also be pinned to just about anything you'd like. They can be worn for weddings, formal events or simply when the mood strikes!

Boutonnières can also be used as party favors, place names, or decor.

Dried flowers and grasses are a more sustainable option. Their beauty is eternal. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight to best preserve their colors. Due to the natural nature of these products, branches vary in size and color may vary slightly.

Sold Individually, available in 2 colors. Approx. 12cm 

Each boutonnière is handcrafted, therefore style may vary slightly between each product.

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