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Patchouli Grape Dried Figs Diffuser

Patchouli Grape Dried Figs Diffuser

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Meet Cirerie de Gascogne, an artisanal perfume brand crafted in France. A captivating blend of Patchouli, Sauternes, and Dried Figs in a diffuser offers an alluring and earthy fragrance with sweet undertones.


Each package includes a delicately crafted glass bottle filled with aromatic essences derived from distilled French agricultural alcohol, accompanied by seven rattan stems. To experience the enchanting fragrance, simply remove the cap and immerse the stems into the bottle. The scent will gracefully diffuse, lasting for a remarkable 5 to 6 months until complete evaporation.

Presented in a 200 ml glass bottle and packaged in an elegant cardboard box, Cirerie de Gascogne brings the essence of French craftsmanship to your sensory experience.

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