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Cotton Flower Candle - Travel Size

Cotton Flower Candle - Travel Size

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Bask in the juicy, sweet scent of ripe peaches with our Sweet Peach travel-sized candle. This luscious fragrance captures the essence of sun-ripened peaches, filling the air with a delightful and refreshing aroma. Perfect for travel, our compact 70g candle is easy to pack, allowing you to enjoy the scent of summer no matter where you are. With up to 10 hours of burn time, you can transform any space into a fragrant haven. Illuminate your journey with the irresistible sweetness of Sweet Peach.

Top: Peach leaf / Apricot / Mandarin
Heart: Tea / Jasmine / Peony
Base: Smoked tea / Moroccan cedar

Weight: 70g
Burn Time: Up to 10 hours


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