Candle Making Kit

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Do it yourself! Ever wanted to learn the art of candle making? We've got you covered. Take a moment to reconnect with your senses, let the fragrances transport you to a beautiful memory or favorite destination.
We've put together this DIY-Box with everything you need to create your very own soy wax candle.

The DIY-Boxes come in 5 different scent options:

SPRING FLING: The scent of spring and summer, with notes of blossoming jasmine, lemon zest and sweet honeysuckle.
PEACHY: Sweet white peach is infused with a vibrant floral magnolia for the true sweet and flower lover!
ZESTY CITRUS: A vibrant citrus explosion of all our favorite summer fruits, grapefruit, lemon and fig are blended to create this fresh scent.
BREATHE EASY: A breath of fresh air, pure Eucalyptus toped with zesty sweet orange
FRESH BAKED: Instantly transported to freshly baked cookies with rich notes of vanilla, spicy cinnamon and warm nutmeg.

Included in the kit:

  • 120ml Recycled Amber Glass Jar
  • 90g 100% Soy Wax
  • 10ml Fragrance Oils
  • 1x Cotton Wick
  • 1x Wooden Stir Stick
  • 1x Clothespin
  • 1x Glue Dot
  • 1x Label Sticker
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Gift Box
  • Note: You will need a double boiler or two pots, one to boil water and the other to melt the wax. Don't worry, soy wax is soluble in hot water for an easy wash. 

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