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*Limited Edition* Ceramic Candles

*Limited Edition* Ceramic Candles

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Introducing our exclusive Ceramic Candle Collection, handcrafted in our Berlin atelier. These versatile vessels, each limited to only 15 pieces per color, double as mugs once the candle has burned down or can be refilled at a discounted rate.

'Golden' captures the essence of vetiver, embodying the earthy and grounding aroma that symbolizes strength, resilience, and a profound connection to nature, as the scent unfolds like a warm embrace, weaving threads of sophistication and vitality into the very fabric of your sensory experience.

'Blue' is an invigorating eucalyptus harmoniously intertwines with the soothing notes of lavender, creating a rejuvenating symphony that transports you to a serene oasis of calm and clarity.

'Emerald' weaves together the crisp notes of pine, freshly cut grass, cedar, moss, and sandalwood, conjuring the enchanting ambiance of a winter woodland, where the cool, brisk air carries whispers of snowy serenity and the cozy, aromatic embrace of a seasonal retreat.

'Pink' fragrance blends raspberry, litchi, freesia, ylang-ylang, and jasmine to create a floral and musky fusion, infusing a powdery and light sensation as the candle burns.

Dimensions: Ø 8 cm x H 13 cm. While dishwasher and food safe, handwashing is recommended. Elevate your space with these unique, handcrafted pieces. Grab yours before they're gone and embrace the essence of winter.

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