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Sage Scented Candle Wholesale

Sage Scented Candle Wholesale

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This bestseller will fill your home with a subtle blend of fragrances, combining aromas of sage, white tea and a hint of peppermint essential oils.

- 120ml [4oz.]: 9€ each, case of 12 candles 
- 180ml [6oz.]: 14€ each, case of 12 candles
- 500ml [17.5oz.]: 25€ each, case of 6 candles

Size & Burn Life 
- 120ml [4oz.] 20-25 hour burn time
- 180ml [6oz.] 35-40 hour burn time
- 500ml [17.5oz.] 65-80 hour burn time

Donating to Animal Rescue Shelters with every candle purchase 
100% natural soy wax
Hand poured w/ love in Berlin

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